Agar Agar Non-Food Grade
Agar Agar Non Food Grade is a versatile material with several non-edible applications that considerably aid numerous industrial, commercial, and scientific endeavors. They also have uses in the world of toiletries and cosmetics. It offers an excellent thickening and stabilizing agent.
Agar Agar Food Grade
You may improve your culinary masterpieces by giving them the ideal texture and consistency using Agar Agar Food Grade. Its natural origin and high level of food safety make it a well-liked option for cooks who want to improve their dishes while maintaining their dietary choices and requirements.
Spreadable Agar Agar (Wondergel)
Spreadable Agar Agar (Wondergel) is a multifunctional and cutting-edge food ingredient that has swept the culinary industry off its feet. With the help of this amazing product, you can thicken, set, and change a variety of sweet and savory recipes into mouthwatering spreads, fillings, and textures.
Agar Instant (Fast Soluble Agar)
Agar Instant (Fast Soluble Agar) is a flexible and practical component that is frequently used in kitchen and lab applications. This seaweed-derived gelatinous material is well regarded for its excellent gelling abilities. It is regularly used as a vegetarian substitute for gelatin.
Agarose is a fascinating chemical that is frequently used in several laboratory and scientific applications. This particular kind of substance is unique in that it dissolves quickly in aqueous solutions, making it a vital tool for researchers and scientists who need to prepare gels quickly and effectively. 
Wide variety of Carrageenan are being traded by us in the domestic as well as overseas economy. They are made from several red algae or seaweeds and extremely utilized in medicine.
Sodium Alginate
A wide range of unique characteristics that sodium alginates possess make them essential in several sectors. They are a potential material for the creation of biodegradable scaffolds for cell growth and regeneration because of their biocompatibility and non-toxic nature, which have inspired research in the field of tissue engineering. 
Instant Dessert Mix
Whether you are cooking a last-minute dessert for a family gathering or simply treating yourself to a sweet moment of indulgence, these Instant Dessert Mixes are your secret weapon for quick and delightful sweet pleasure. They are a delightful addition to your cupboard and ensure that you will never go without dessert. 
We are presenting an awesome ambit of ideally made Agar Agar. They are used in food industries for solidifying ice creams and other food products. They also utilized as an emulsifier, in adhesives and as a substitute for gelatin.

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